NOTE: this page became out of date as soon as I started working full time as a research software engineer; I need to curate my list again, but now that I'm developing software fulltime there's a lot more things that aren't in here - see my diversitree: Comparative phylogenetic analyses of diversification in R. A very broad collection of tools for fitting evolutionary models to phylogenetic trees
  • arbutus: Assessing the adequacy of phylogenetic models of quantitative trait evolution (with Matt Pennell).
  • TRAMPR: TRFLP Analysis and Matching Package for R. Matches profiles from a (now-dated) sequencing technology against a known set of species.
  • phyndr: Match phylogenetic and trait data (paper forthcoming).
  • plant: Simulation model of a forests for exploring trait-driven ecological and evolutionary dynamics.
  • traitfill: Impute categorical missing data based on taxonomic structure.
  • Research infrastructure and tools

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