I am a Research Software Engineer, and currently run the RESIDE research software group within the MRC Centre for Global Infectious Disease Analysis. I am excited about ways to break down the barriers between domain experts and code and help people do more science per line of code written.

Previously, I have:


Occasionally, I blog on my group's blog, or contribute to rOpenSci's blog. This post from 2014 in particular remains very relevant. Academic writing via Google Scholar, though I've not actively published for many years now.

I occasionally tweet as @rgfitzjohn and am on Mastodon at @richfitz@fosstodon.org.

Previously, I wrote a teaching blog at with Daniel Falster called nicercode.


My current professional work can be found on the RESIDE pages, and my software can be found on my GitHub page, as well as the organisations mrc-ide, vimc and reside-ic.

Currently I am working on:

Active projects that are more personal include

Very occasionally, I code outside of work:

I am a huge fan of Advent of Code, and we use this to expose Centre researchers to programming concepts each December:

Previous projects include:


I'm always interested in speaking opportunities, especially around reproducibility, software processes in multidisciplinary teams or directly on any of the projects above - please get in touch.

Some representative talks: